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K e m i s o f t

Chemical Process Engineering

Chemical Process Material Balance Simulation & Optimization

A PC program for chemical process material balance simulation with an option for parametric optimization is now available in a free public version : KEMSIMP. It is adequate especially for use of chemical engineers and students.

Downloading Free

Follow the following steps:
  1. Download free prgram KEMSIMP * to any subdirectory in your computer.
    (The size of this compressed file is 240 KB).
  2. Open compressed (to unzip it we recommend ZipMagic).
  3. Press setup.exe for installation. Programs will be installed in subdirectory c:\prosim.
  4. Press kemsimp.exe (in sub directory c:\prosim) for operation.

Downloads: | KEMSIMP * | ZipMagic |
* For any problem with dowloading KEMSIMP drop a note to kemisoft.

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For any question or any comment drop a note to kemisoft.